Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We send you our earnest thanks for visiting our website and for looking up at our Privacy Policy. Government Jobs is dedicated to maintaining personal information privacy, which the jobseekers provide while using our website.  We are not to collect any information unless you provide us your personal information. So, we guarantee we are a trustworthy partner in your search for a perfect job.  We follow certain steps to handle your personal information.

Automatic Storage on Collection

Your time spent at our website will send us some information, which is not to identify you personally. We are only going to collect and store just some information

  • The IP address and Internet domain through which you are accessing our website.
  • The operating system and browser type you are using to access.
  • Your visited pages .
  • The address of the linked website from where you have accessed our website
All this information is to develop the usefulness of our website to the visitors to come to know the count of visitors to our website and the technology used by the visitors. Neither do we track and record information about users and their every visit nor do we enable “Cookies”.

When You Provide us Your Personal Information

However you decide to provide your personal information, we use them, to respond to your requests and message you. Your names, email address, and the like identifiers are the personal information we collect and we use them just to keep you notified about the latest updates and not for any other reason. None of your personal information is shared with any of our business partners. Neither are the individual profiles created or retained based on the provided information nor are they accessed by outside organizations. We are not collecting identifiable information to cause them for any commercial marketing.

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